Can you make me look slimmer?

Certainly I have had this comment from a photoshoot and no doubt I am not alone in receiving it.

Slimmer You

Is this before and After or After and Before?

There’s a lot more going on that the average jack realises when it comes to photo assignments.

Getting to the shoot and blasting away with cam in hand is fine, but what happens after the physical shoot is largely a mystery to many.

Now we are in the digital age and of course only those who worked a darkroom could grasp how much easier post production is these days. But also how much easier it is to manipulate images than working in the confines of a smallish darkroom.

There was a time when you would look at an image and believe, largely, what you were seeing. Today, however, things are very different. Whether still image or video the digital age has made deception so much simpler and conflicts are no exception to this. The advent of ‘photoshopping’ and image had the fashion/modelling world blind sighted for many years and it is only recently those looking at pictures begin to understand the untruths they are faced with.

Have you ever seen before and after imagery? If you have then you can understand how simple it is to trick you.

All it takes is a little imaginative thinking and the whole world changes in a flash, as seen here.

And whilst advanced techniques are employed you can see how its done in the video below. Of course getting the appropriate software is expensive and requires regular updates, for professional post shoot images this skill is a vital part of producing both factual and fictional imagery.

Not unlike the darkroom which also, in its day, was an expensive set up if you wanted to do it right.

Here you can see some photoshop tutorials on image enhancing and graphic design, the more you understand the greater the urge to create masterpieces.




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