Madonna preaching morality!!!

The aging [57 yr old] seems to have her wires crossed. Either that or she really fails to get what the LGBT folks are all about. Lets be honest here, she is a bit past her use by date.

This years joke. Madonna.

This years joke. Madonna.

Interestingly it seems that Russian Madonna fans won’t be graced by her presence. The eighties’ pop icon has announced that she will never tour the country again. “I won’t appear in Moscow or St. Petersburg anymore, because I don’t want to perform in places where being homosexual is tantamount to a crime,” she recently told Entertainment Weekly.

Well maybe someone ought to educate Madonna that it is not a crime to be gay in Russia. It is a crime if you peddle it to minors. But wait here comes the hypocrisy of the old pop idol.

Madonna wants the Western media – especially its entertainment branch – to believe that she is taking a principled stand against what she perceives as the lack of gay rights in Russia. What Madonna doesn’t tell the same journalists is that she is the co-owner of a lucrative fitness business called Hard Candy. The other directors are her manager, Guy Oseary and Mark Mastrov, a sports entrepreneur. Hard Candy operates in 10 cities worldwide. Guess what? Two of them are in Russia.

This, alone, would qualify as mind-bending hypocrisy. However, Madonna’s ability to masquerade as a saint, while behaving like a Pharisee doesn’t end there. During her 2012 MDNA Tour, the New Yorker played two shows in Abu Dhabi, yielding, it is estimated, at $US8,053,500 in revenue.

In the United Arab Emirates, homosexuality is punishable by death. Yes, you read that correctly – death. Not some kind of low-level harassment, rather the ultimate sanction.

Indeed, the UAE, in partnership with Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, is working on a test that can detect a person’s sexual orientation. If all goes according to plan, these nations will then ban the entry of people whose tests return positive for homosexuality.

Madonna has been completely silent on this front. In fact, not only is she completely uncritical of the UAE, but a Spanish architect claims he designed a home for her in Dubai. Joaquin Torres alleged the house would even boast captive dolphins swimming in the singer’s living room. Now I am no supporter of same sex marriage but I have no problem with the gay community providing they do not thrust me into their world. But hypocrisy like this displayed by an aging celebrity truly stinks.

Anyway, let’s be clear here. Madonna says she won’t play Russia because of her concerns for gay rights. Yet, the normally outspoken pop star seems unable to elicit so much as a murmur over the far more restrictive regime in the UAE. Also, she is more than happy to profit from very successful fitness centers in Russia.

Not sure about you but quite frankly Russia is far better off without her. I doubt they will cry over her decision not to perform in Moscow or St Petersburg anymore. Madonna’s behavior suggests that she only cares about LGBT rights when it suits her. The ‘Material Girl’ is a Class-A hypocrite.

Those in glass houses are well advised not to throw stones.


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