Seven gang rape 17 year old female

Romanian Prime Minister, Victa Ponta tells his Justice Minister Cazanciuc: If CSM will not take any action in Vaslui case, you’d better resign.


Romainia’s Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM)

If they will not take any action in the Vaslui case, you’d better resign; , Prime Minister Victa Ponta tells his Justice Minister as seven rapists are freed by local Court.

The statement was made by the Prime Minister at the beginning of the Government meeting, after he expressed outrage on how the judicial authorities acted in the case of the girl raped in Vaslui, a town in Romania.

“For years we say that justice must punish everyone equally, but especially those who commit murders, rapes, robberies”.

Seven young people aged between 18 and 27, from the locality of Văleni, Vaslui County, are judged, under judicial control, after allegedly kidnapped and raped for several hours in November 2014, a student of 18, who later was transported to the hospital. According to investigators, the teenager was sexually assaulted twice in the same evening by the seven young people.

WARNING The video carries a warning because it may be upsetting to some.

Initially apprehended by the police, the seven youths were taken into custody of Vaslui Court three days after the rape. In early April, the same court decided to release on all seven and place them under house arrest. On June 19, the Vaslui Court replaced house arrest by judicial control.

The seven were indicted in December 2014 for rape and deprivation of liberty, and the next term will be held August 14 at Vaslui Court. The seven youngsters from Vaslui are required to submit daily to the police, the measure being disposed on Tuesday by the Vaslui county police leadership, following media coverage of the case.

On June 23, following a complaint made by the Association for Implementing Democracy (AID), the Superior Council of Magistracy noticed the Judicial Inspection to check the release from custody of the seven young people.

17 yr old girl abducted from Romania and forced into UK prostitution







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