Israel: The insanity called Jerusalem.

As an atheist looking in from a distance it is little wonder others with a similar view see religion as an evil. No matter whose religion.

This interview conducted by the Insider shows, if you never knew, the seemingly impossible task to fix the rift betwixt Palestinians and Jews. Add to the mix U.S. foreign policy and Iraq/Syria; Sunni/Shia and what do you think you have?

Of course not wanting to be left out we have crazy Christians where we have this, and then this.

A religious microcosm of a global problem that appears endless in its plight and headed for its eventual destruction.

Israel’s government, the Knesset, has moved so far to the right. In a moment of exasperation, Abraham Lincoln once challenged a political opponent: “If you call a tail a leg, then how many legs does a donkey have?” The surprised politician responded, “Five.” “No,” Lincoln answered. “The answer is four, because calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it so.”

Unfortunately, Lincoln’s observation applies with particular force to contemporary Israel. The land from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River today has a population of six million Jews and 5.8 million Arabs. That is the sad reality, and calling Israel a Jewish state is becoming less and less accurate.

Hence, Netanyahu’s non-democratic Jewish ‘State’ of Israel.

On paper and in speeches, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeatedly reiterates that he is open to making peace with the Palestinians and to a two-state solution. But a two-state solution depends on two parties, on the Palestinians agreeing both to Palestine being a demilitarized state and to Israel retaining the approximately 5% of the West Bank on which 80% of the Israeli settlers live. The Palestinian leadership has agreed to the concept of equal land swaps that will accomplish this. But such a solution also depends on Israel agreeing to relinquish all the rest of the West Bank (along with proper security guarantees), and yes, painful as it is, to allowing the Palestinians to establish a state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The boycotts, delegitimization and harm to Israel’s international standing, of which the recent British parliament vote is the most recent manifestation, is increasing specifically because Israel is ruling over another people who seek independence.Israel risks global isolation, especially after the recent Gaza war.

Of course anyone who dares a critique on Israel is deemed anti semetic, and no doubt will spend an eternity in hell. Not too different from Islam in that respect.

The question I pose, especially after the recent inquiry into the conduct of catholic priests, does the modern world need an antiquated religious dogma steering it?

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