Pink Floyd: Endless River

Has the time come when Gilmour hangs up his guitar?

Waters, Mason, Gilmour

Waters, Mason, Gilmour

‘I think this is it” Gilmour said in an interview with the BBC. Click link below to go to official Floyd home page.

This link gives you but a short insight into what will be their final album, due to be released this coming November.

David Gilmour has said that the forthcoming Pink Floyd album, The Endless River, will be their last.

Stephen Hawking will feature on Pink Floyd’s new album, The Endless River. The 72-year-old physicist is sampled on a track called Talkin’ Hawkin’, which uses his synthesised speaking voice.

Speaking specifically about new track Louder Than Words, which features words by Polly Samson and touches on the band’s great musical connection, Gilmour described the significance of the song, stating: “Well, Rick [Wright] is gone. This is the last thing that’ll be out from us,” he told the BBC on 9 October. “I’m pretty certain there will not be any follow up to this. And Polly, my wife, thought that would be a very good lyrical idea to go out on. A way of describing the symbiosis that we have. Or had.”

The Endless River has been described as a tribute to Pink Floyd’s late keyboard player Wright, a man whose talents were under appreciated by the public, media and the band themselves, according to Gilmour. “I didn’t necessarily always give him his proper due. People have very different attitudes to the way they work and we can become very judgmental and think someone is not quite pulling his weight enough, without realising that theirs is a different weight to pull.”

The title of the album is also intended to partly represent Pink Floyd’s enduring creativity. Nick Mason, who joined David Gilmour during the interview, described the way in which the band take an idea, before “extending it, exploring it and doing something that’s slightly outside the normal pop song, pop industry length of song piece or whatever,” he said.

The Endless River is the group’s first album since 1994’s The Division Bell, and was reportedly inspired by the same recording sessions. It is to be released on 10 November in a range of formats.

Floyd fans will know of the absence of Roger Walters and why. If you don’t know, ask me, and I will tell you.


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