Abused: Rotherham child abuse

Is it the tip of the iceberg?

No caption needed is there.

No caption needed is there.

Revelations of over 1400 children abused in the small South Yorkshire town of Rotherham in the UK for over two decades has sent shock waves through England and also globally.

Neither community services, the police, local government did anything but turn a blind eye to the plight of so many young girls who were not only sexually abused by Pakistani men but were threatened with burning or parental death threats if they ever tried to make accusations against their abusers.They were groomed from as young as eleven or twelve years of age.

Mostly these girls, the victims of vicious attacks, were labelled by local police as prostitutes on the streets. Surely a girl under sixteen in the UK being subjected to physical and sexual abuse is hardly a prostitute. Many parents of these children were dumbfounded at the way they have been treated.

How will a child react, or cope, when the very people [police] are there to be trusted and help become as bad as the perpetrators with inaction. It beggars belief. The police were more fearful of being labelled racist by the Pakistani minority than upholding criminal behaviour and prosecuting those men guilty of such crimes.

The law is the law and regardless of who you are, what colour your skin, or which god you pray to it applies to everyone. Or does it?

Now we are seeing the fallout from years of blindness.

The chief executive of Rotherham council, Martin Kimber, is to step down, saying a new leader would help the town recover after it emerged councillors, police and social services turned a blind eye to the abuse of at least 1,400 children.

Kimber said in a statement: “I believe that new leadership will enable the town to recover more quickly from the events of the last two weeks, and strongly signal a new beginning at this critical time in its recovery. The time is therefore now right for me to leave.”

He will quit at the end of this year.

Members of Britain’s Pakistani community have reacted with outrage amid reports officials failed to act on sex abuse cases because of concerns about racism in the northern English town of Rotherham.

Muhbeen Hussain, founder of Rotherham Muslim Youth Group, told the Daily Mirror on Wednesday that Muslims are disgusted that justice was not done.

“Race, religion or political correctness should never provide a cloak of invisibility to such grotesque crimes.”

Report author Alexis Jay cited appalling acts of violence between 1997 and 2013 in the town’s population of some 250,000.


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