US Congress: Provides another$225 million for Israel

The US Congress and Senate voted recently to give Israel $225 million more in aid for its rocket-defense program. One of the sponsors of the bill is New Jersey Senator Cory Booker.

This is hard to watch. Booker calls on the country to support Israel without a word to say on behalf of Palestinians. The true cause of the crisis is Hamas, which is causing the killings of civilians so as to “rack up casualties.”

The stentorian tone, the attempts at moral flights, the bunching and punching of fingers in the air– they all fell flat for me. It feels like end times preaching: Booker seems to believe what Scott Stringer, NY comptroller believes, that Israel’s survival is at stake. It’s losing legitimacy in the eyes of the world. So he must affirm that legitimacy.

Just another disillusioned US senator. But they have power dont they!

Please no-one tell me the Jews are not running America.



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