Is this the definitive in hypocrisy?

The western media, some of them are the Murdoch presstitutes. Reporting on two hot spots.


First, Israel and its incursion into the Gaza strip. Western media, whilst acknowledging the carnage, rarely have a bad word to say on the fact that the US supplies arms to the IDF in its eternal campaign. Simply mentioning on the deaths of children and civillians, they have to do better. Really!!!!

As my previous post reveals the IDF is not concerned at children dying claiming they are right to defend themselves. Of course if you are Palestinian that means they will not stop till the last drop of, so called Hamas blood, is spilt. Whoever gets in the way, tough!

Secondly, that same western media ostracises Russia, and especially Putin, on their support for so called ‘rebels’ in the Ukraine. Now we have Australia and Dutch policemen trying to get to the crash site of MH17. They cry like children because they cannot gain access to the site. Do they really understand there is a war going on and as far as the ‘rebels’ are concerned, very suspicious. The only way to gain access is by way of Russian troops being used as peacekeepers to the site. But then after all the propaganda dished out to the bear from the west, why would they provide such safety?

It seems the EU, US, Australia, and Nederlands fail to understand they are not welcome.

So much misinformation on the net hardly helps to clarify what exactly is going on. So basically media reports are more op-ed pieces rather than truth.

Australian hypocrisy is palpable with its foreign minister, Julie Bishop, scathing on Russia whilst happily supporting locking children up in her own country as they attempt asylum from war and violence. All we hear from the Liberal Government, led by Tony Abbott, is ‘stop the boats’ and that’s it, nothing else. The Australian public have a right to know what the current policy is doing to human rights.

The imbalance is lunacy on a grand scale.



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