Israel: 4 Corners Exposé

Before you click play be aware there is a warning on its content.

Australia’s current affair programme 4 Corners shed light on the plight of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation.

The IDF and Israeli government deny their tactic of spreading fear amongst civilians, but this video reveals that is not the case. Children are targets in the eyes of Zionists, especially Palestinian children. So when you hear reports of the IDF shelling kids playing on the beach there should be no surprises.

MOSSAD and its agents had snipers killing US marines in Iraq to fuel the mood and resolve of the US to keep up the war. IED’s are not, and I repeat NOT, the improvised explosives we are led to believe. In fact they are manufactured by an Israeli company [Rafael}.

So when its comes to false flag events the Zionists are past masters at it.

MOSSAD strikes at US Marines.
Who funds the Zionists war… no surprises really.

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