Australia’s wrecking ball: Tony Abbott

The current political landscape in Australia; how difficult is it  to find anything optomistic in Federal Liberal policies.

Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.

Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.

Just six months into their reign there is a litany of broken promises, backflips, and lies. The Murdoch press continues with its presstitutes talking up the ineptitude of this government here in Australia, which in many opinions, is fast becoming the worst in its history.

The current term is for three years which means we here in Oz have another 30 months remaining before we can kick them out. Unless of course we follow the lead of the Ukraine or Egypt to name but two.

The full litany of Liberal misdemeanours can be seen here. So far 115 and counting!

If someone wishes to add all the good things that have come about in six months, or indeed counter the 115 [so far] disgraceful acts then please do so, it is welcomed.

North Coast Voices
Liberal backbencher accusation
A question of character

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