Ukraine: Where is the truth?

So many opinions, so much written, so little making sense.

within the truth there are lies

within the truth there are lies

Not being an expert nor fully understanding the plight of Ukrainian people yet there is an understanding of what is at stake both at a regional and global level.

The division of the country along ethnic and political lines is drawing the country into a greater risk of conflict that could see the country descend into war and ultimately sovereign division.

It is inconceivable that Russia will just let go, especially the territory of the Crimea peninsula, and not surprisingly the U.S. sees an opportunity to further discredit what it sees as Moscow’s intervention/aggression and departure from the ‘Budapest Memorandum’.

U.S. senator, Mitt Romney, has many times expressed that Russia is our number one geopolitical foe.

Romney states, ‘Russia is not a friendly character on the world stage.  And for this president [Obama] to be looking for greater flexibility, where he doesn’t have to answer to the American people in his relations with Russia, is very, very troubling, very alarming’.

A hawkish comment to say the least.

The first casualty in conflict is the truth. Propaganda is rife and to see through all the BS one must research carefully. Commercial media outlets have on many occasions distorted for their own interests.

The Murdoch presstitutes are especially of this persuasion.

Ukraine, economically, is destitute so the future choices were join the EU and follow the western path or alternatively grab the Russian cash on offer, get the discounted gas and go east. For Yanukovych this offer from Moscow was very seductive and from initial reports the spark which lit the fuse to the turmoil we see today.

There was no money on the table for joining the EU. At least not initially.

The conflicting reports are escalating to such an extent that the truth becomes so blurred the very reasons is obscured in a mire of self interests from the West and the East. Many academics and political experts have their views and the ‘blogosphere’ is abundant, but where is the truth of it all?

Reports state how the Jewry and extremist elements are on the streets cohorting with neo nazis and the like being supported by the U.S. Much hatred is apparent within these groups and one wonders what the agenda really is.

Was Viktor Yanukovych  speaking the truth when he said last Friday 28th February, “I am the legitimate president of Ukraine.” Many would say ‘no’ others will suggest he was democratically elected, therefore legitimate. A very close parallel with Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi.

Did Yanukovych lose touch with the people he represents by turning his back on Europe in favour of Russia? Or was it more sinister events that were so uncompromising that his fall from grace was indeed a ‘coup d’état’.

And what of Ukraine’s neighbours to the west. The worst case scenario is some kind of civil war breaking out. Assuming a Russian presence there is more than likely another refugee crisis. Is it feasible that Poland or Romania be drawn into the conflict?

And if so it may well be the catalyst for something far worse.

The world watches and holds its breath for some je ne sais quoi!

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