Intervention: US advises Russia not to invade Ukraine.

Today, we hear the most incredible thing in a long time.

Obama and Putin

Obama and Putin

President Obama told Russian President that invading Ukraine would be against “international laws”. Imagine that: a US president telling another nation it’s wrong to invade a country! U.S. foreign policy yet again seems  headed for hypocrisy.

When the US decides to bomb or invade a country and the media promptly tells us why it’s the right and moral thing to do, the reactions among the American left vary from accepting the official line to its unequivocal rejection. In the case of Ukraine, there’s been a relentless and nonstop propaganda against President Putin.

Just as they repeatedly showed Saddam pulling out his sword to make him look scary and evil (which he probably was), now, it’s Putin’s turn and what they’ve got on him is his shirtless horseback riding. Again, the point isn’t if there’s truth in what we’re told, repeatedly and ad nauseam.

Does Putin have anti-democratic tendencies? Probably? Is he anti-gay? Looks like it. But, so are many other leaders and people. In fact, there’s a certain president of a certain country, who maintains a “kill list”, from which he picks whom to execute, goes to war without congressional approval, punishes whistle blowers severely, and has signed a National Defense Authorization Act, which gives him the authority to order anyone detained indefinitely, without charges or legal representation.

That seems pretty dictatorial to me.

So, why are the US, and in a lesser degree its European allies who follow its lead, going head to head against Russia? Why is the US going to such lengths to try and destabilize and overthrow such governments as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and if I may mention their next target Iran? (Not to mention Venezuela where leaked documents have linked the US – who else? – to recent protests). What are they after?

It is a relentless pursuit of profits that not only impoverishes the vast majority of the world’s population, including many within the Empire, and gradually, taking back Europeans’ gains of the past, but also pushing the world towards war.

If an intervention isn’t for immediate economic gains, it’s for advancing hegemony for maximum global control. Weaker nations are thus made to choose allegiance to Uncle’s Empire or face his wrath. Neofascist and terrorist elements are a nuisance, but tolerable in the big picture.

Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, said of the Russian move into Ukraine.

“This is very, very concerning and I think that every Australian, and people right around the world, will be thinking: hands off the Ukraine,” Mr Abbott told Channel Ten’s Bolt Report on Sunday morning. “This is not the kind of action of a friend and neighbour and I think Russia should back off.”

Mr Abbott said he understands the issue will be discussed “urgently” by the members of the United Nations Security Council, including Australia

“Plainly, this is unacceptable behaviour,” Mr Abbott said. “You cannot just cross the border of another country with military force, with aggressive intent.”

Saying this as he welcomes home the coalitions invading force from Afghanistan! And of the EU Security Council, well Russia has the veto but Australia’s prime minister would not be drawn on that. Not that he is an International diplomat especially after the Manus Island and Indonesia debacle, let alone China/Japan!

Mr Abbott would not comment on whether he would support the US intervening, but of course Ozzie tugs at the forelock for the US.


Poland has its say.
Czech President Milos Zeman recalls 1968 Soviet-led attack


One thought on “Intervention: US advises Russia not to invade Ukraine.

  1. Hypocrisy, what’s that? A major reason why this country is constantly at war, its citizenry has no understanding of hypocrisy. However, a more important reason for constant warfare , its citizenry are too easily lead, have been train to believe authorities, and to follow instructions. Yet, the most important reason for America constantly be at war is the nature of it’s politics, America is not a democracy, but corporatacracy, the government support the corporation who get them elected. In the words of General Smedley D Butler, USMC, retired WW I, ” War is a racket”, corporations who were bankrupt preceding World War 1 made the equivalent of billions during the war; nothing has changed.


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