Homosexuality: Gay rights or wrongs!

An OLD 'queen' maybe!!

An OLD ‘queen’ maybe!!

It’s that time of year again when the gay and lesbian community thrust their way of life into your face with the annual Sydney gay and lesbian mardi gras festival, culminating in a procession of flesh and fancy dress parading themselves along Oxford Street in the Sydney CBD.

Now it seems that Gary Burns,a Sydney independent gay rights activist and original 78 er, is outraged that the Mardi-Gras board has decided to ‘de gay’ the famous event. A major task seeing as what it attracts.

Mardi Gras Chair, Mr Peter Urmson, says the re-branding it as the Sydney Mardi Gras is necessary to be more inclusive.
“We’re also recognising a world that is gradually becoming more inclusive,where huge members of people volunteering for us,marching in the parade and cheering us on come from a much broader spectrum and in which younger people are much less keen to be labelled,”he said.
Gary Burns said,”No it’s not. The pre-dominant purpose of the Mardi Gras board doing this is so they could get their hands on wads of public money from the NSW state government. These “dance bunnies” have effectively sold out this event and the gay and lesbian community for three pieces of tarnished silver”.
Really Gary Burn; we sorta get it now, you want some kind of equality of rights. You’ve been saying that since its inception when the cops were busting your heads! I think Canberra has given you the answer.
So, some discourse and disagreement in the rank and file!

What was once a march protesting for equal rights for homosexuals is now seemingly a display of extroversion and narcissism and an International tourist event that see the state government rubbing its hands with glee at the cash injection it brings with it.Politics is inevitably involved.

The procession of near naked men and women parading publicly is now considered a family event, which is where I start to deviate from the legitimacy of its organisors. Subjecting minors to such an extravaganza and sexual deviation from ‘the norm’ causes some thought. Let alone the mere thought of public funds being injected into it at a time when health and education require the same cash injection seems a bit like the world cup and Brazil!
One wonders if we will soon begin to teach homosexuality to our children in school, or is that already on the carriculum?

Of course the video above makes it look all fine and dandy with people enjoying themselves, turning Sydney into a sort of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Participants of the mardi gras will include transexuals, cross dressers, lesbians, homosexual men a bit of bondage and some domination.Throw in a few sado masochists and you get the picture.

Not sure if many hetrosexuals are involved, well maybe as volunteers to make the evening swing. It would seem unusual that a near naked hetrosexual couple be involved in a gay event!

So does it seem that straight sex is on the way out?

Its not hip for man to like woman anymore! To be trendy, be gay!

The closet is now empty.


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