Chess in a Minefield : Ukraine Global Implications

“The bloody conflict in Ukraine could trigger yet another confrontation between the West and Russia. Dominance in Europe is at stake on the geopolitical chess board. While Ukraine itself could descend into civil war”.

As stated by  Spiegal Online International February 20th.

80 Now dead and no end in sight.

Spiegal goes on to say that on Thursday, 20th February, Kiev saw bloody violence that has cost the lives of dozens amid gunfire and brutal clashes on Independence Square. Hundreds have been wounded, many seriously. The violence comes on the heels of similar battles on Tuesday — and mark the beginning of what could become an extended and dramatic conflict over the country’s future.

Back in December 2013 US Senator, John McCain, stood on Independance Square and proclaimed, “People of Ukraine, this is your moment! The free world is with you! America is with you!”

In other words, the Cold War has returned and Moscow is once again the adversary. The only difference is that the weapons have changed.

Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday, 20th February, warned Yanukovych that the United States was ready to impose sanctions on officials guilty of ordering troops to fire on protesters.

According to reports from The Interpreter

‘With his crude but effective intrusion into Kyiv’s strategic decision-making, Russia’s president has comprehensively destabilised Ukraine with unpredictable consequences and triggered a reprise of the ‘Orange’ events of 2004-5′.

‘Then, with Putin’s overt support, Viktor Yanukovych deployed ‘administrative resources’ to rig the presidential election. Mass street protests, with some brokering from Western emissaries, forced a rerun, which Yanukovych lost decisively to the pro-Western Viktor Yushchenko, a humiliating reversal which has haunted both Yanukovych and Putin since’.

Washington has already put 20 top Ukrainian officials on a visa blacklist and threatened further sanctions, which could include asset freezes.

Ukraine’s former master Russia blasted the sanctions as “bullying”. Interestingly we see three of Russia’s friends now experiencing violence on an unprecedented scale. Egypt/Venzuela/Ukraine let alone the on going situation in Georgia and the simmering tensions in the Balkans generally.

At the same time we see Caracas decend into violence on the streets for a similar cause.

The protesters, mostly students who want Maduro to resign, blame the government for violent crime, high inflation, product shortages and alleged repression of opponents.

At least five people have died since the violence broke out last week, the most serious unrest since Maduro was narrowly elected in April 2013. There have been scores of injuries and arrests.

Local TV channels are providing almost no live coverage of the unrest, so Venezuelans are turning to social media to swap information and images, though falsified photos are circulating.

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